Adorned in a Saree and bindi, this 79 years old has already travelled to 25 countries and still going strong.

What image will you get in your mind if I say the words like Bengali lady from a middle class family, retired from National Library, single, draped in a saree, Khadim’s footwear and a bindi? What if I say, that this lady had never travelled in her life till the age of 48? What if I say, this lady today has travelled more than 25 countries and has travelled the length and breadth of India? She is almost 80 but she is an inspiration to all the women who are full of self-doubt. Her confidence, conviction and carefree attitude made her step out of her secure, middle class, working life in Calcutta and there has been no looking back since. She started travelling in 1986 and her first trip was not in the periphery of her city but half way across the world to the USA. Dressed in a saree with a round bindi on her forehead, she travels unflinchingly. While we are too caught up in the latest fashion trends and shade of lipstick but are too scared to follow our dreams, she is busy gathering life experiences and human stories from around the world with age being just a number. When she is not travelling she is running a school for small kids and trying out her hands at traditional Bengali cuisine. Meet Itee Ghosh, the Super Aunty from Calcutta who keeps her heart and soul packed in a VIP suitcase along with her cotton and silk sarees, ready for her next adventure because travel is her constant companion.

LA, Jan1986

Rome, Nov1986

Florence, Nov1986

Venice, Nov 1986 with her Elder sister

Vatican, Nov 1986 with her niece.

Buckingham Palace, London, Nov 1986

Geneva, Nov 1986, with her Niece.

LA, Disney Land, Dec 1986

Hoover Dam, Vegas, Dec 1986

Las Vegas, Dec 1986

Kualalampur, 2002 with a friend

Star Cruise, Singapore 2002

Pattaya 2002

Singapore Sea world, 2002

Egypt, Nov 2007

Dubai Desert, Nov 2007, with her friends

Chicago, 2009

Bangladesh, Feb 2010

China, May 2013

Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet Sep 2013

San Diego Sep 2014

Denmark, June 2015

Finland, Jun 2015

Norway, Jun 2015

Red Square Russia, Jun 2015

St. Peters berg, Jun 2015

Stock Holm, Jun 2015

Borobudur, Jakarta, March 2015

Prembanan Temple, Jakarta, 2015

South Africa, May 2016

Angkor, Cambodia, Feb 2016

Vietnam, Jan 2017

VersaillesPalace, Paris_Nov1986

Grand Canyon_Dec1986

Bangkok, 2002 with her friends

Bali, 2015 April

Halong Bay, 2017

May 2017, Mt. Fuji, Japan


Silk Route

With a random stranger in Norway

In Russia

Jakarta, with her friend

South Africa

Mount Fuji

With Japanese women


With Apsara Dancers, Cambodia


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